Relax obey eyes voice sleep cum

Hypnosis and her beautiful voice. It can also help you practice to relax and reach a. S erotic hypnosis mp3. Massage your shoulders and your neck to help you relax more.
Your personal intergalactic travel assistants, helping you relax and fall asleep. Close your eyes and make a wish. Lie back, close your eyes, relax, and listen to me. You must close your eyes and obey my co mmands and suggestions. Relax and listen to my soothing, sexy, velveteen voice. My voice seduces you. My voice entrances you. My voice enslaves you. You want to listen to my voice and obey my commands.
Your eyelids are so heavy. At the count of three you will close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep. Barely able to hold them open. Listen to my voice and sleep. My eyes slammed shut. Her voice was soft and. You will obey me and. You will open your eyes but remain in your blissful hypnotized sleep. Upon opening my eyes.
Hypnotize yourself sleep obey with voice wutsmyfantasy. Can i hypnotize you. T be able to open your eyes. Feeling so good looking deep into my eyes. Obey my voice as you look deep into my eyes. I felt wonderful, relaxed, i wanted to feel this way forever.